Wet Clay Projects

Wet clay is available for both walk-ins and classes. We highly recommend you take a class to learn the basics before doing clay on a walk-in basis. In a class, we will teach you about clay and important techniques for creating successful projects.  We offer hand building options or slab construction. We do not have any wheels at this time. We have lots of clay projects to inspire you or bring in an idea of your own and we can help you achieve it. Can’t attend one of our regularly scheduled clay classes? Get a group of 4 or more people together and schedule a private class!

2 pounds of clay is $25+tax and includes glaze and firings. You can make 2 pieces out of your 2 pounds. All pieces must have a minimum 3″ base for them to be fired. If you want to make lots of small pieces, you can make as many as fit on two 6″ tiles. You can glaze your pieces the same day or allow us to bisque fire them and return to glaze them on a second visit. Ask a staff member for more information!

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