Let me start by saying I am not a very “Hallmark” person and neither is my husband.  We just don’t find the mushy stuff very relatable and many people have described us as having an “advanced sense of humor”.  That said, I always struggle this time of year to find a funny and authentic Valentine’s gift for my hubs.  Ironically, I seem to regularly forget that I own a pottery studio. Why does that matter? Well, I’m glad you asked. It turns out that paint (or make) your own pottery is the solution to all the hard to gift people in your life. Pottery is a blank canvas just waiting to be personalized for your loved ones.  I recently acquired a new set of rather hysterical and snarky Valentine silk screen stencils that are perfect for people like my husband. They create amusing things like this:

But, in all seriousness, if you are more of a classy person you can also make more conventional and romantic style gifts.  The studio is more than equipped with all the tools you could need to create custom pieces for anyone style person in your life. For example:


Now here is the best part. No matter what direction you choose to go you are going to have the perfect gift. How do I know? Because it’s personalized to the person you make it for. As my grandma always says, you can feel the love in handmade gifts because we put a little of ourselves in the things we make with our own two hands. If my grandmother says it’s true you better believe it. Don’t be intimidated and remember I’ve got your back as does everyone here at Fat Cat. Bring in your idea or just come down to the studio and we will help you create a unique “I love you”.

Thanks for reading.    -Jo