The holidays have arrived. We are packing up the bats and skeletons and planning Thanksgiving menus. The days are getting shorter and the to-do list is getting longer. This time of year is a scheduling challenge to put it mildly. If your family is anything like ours, you have the best intentions to do holiday crafts or make the annual tree ornament. Then, just like that, you are out of time. We have a solution this year. We made ‘to go’ ornament kits with ornaments, brushes, and glaze all boxed up and ready to be painted on your schedule.

You choose how many ornaments you would like. Have a family of five? Choose five ornaments. Have your three besties in town for the weekend? Pick one for the each of you. Want one flat, one fancy, and a 3D ornament? You can mix and match. Want to paint ornaments while watching the Macy’s Day Parade and cooking that turkey? Want to paint ornaments with your friends while watching sappy Christmas movies and partaking in holiday libations. This is the ornament kit for you.

How does it work? Well, it’s pretty simple. Drop by the studio. Select either flat ornaments, fancy, or 3D ornaments. We will give you a rainbow of colors and brushes. Take them home and paint them on your schedule. Then just box them back up and drop them off at the studio. We will add the year and names for you and fire them up.  Our glazes are non-toxic, food safe, and clean up with water. Little ones can have a ball at their own speed with no need to wrangle the young ones while the older kids take their time. Cheers to a little less stress this holiday season.

2018 Price List:  Flat To Go Ornament $10, Fancy To Go Ornament $12, 3D To Go Ornament $15. Price includes glaze, firing, and ornament.