I totally get it. You walk in. You look at the wall of pottery. You choose your piece and suddenly that blank plate looks real intimidating. It happens to the best of us. Some days the blank-ness isn’t intimidating. Some days you just really want to paint but you don’t want to spend a ton of time making a plan.  Whatever it may be, we have the solution. Coloring book pottery.

What is coloring book pottery? Only the best thing since sliced bread. The design is already fired on for you. That means you get a beautiful, intricate design that won’t smudge while your painting. You just choose your colors and fill in the outline. Easy and satisfying. What’s not to love? Another cool thing about our coloring book pottery is that the designs are unique to our studio. The designs are made in house. We sketch them out, create the pattern, and hand paint the design onto the piece.  We offer different designs seasonally. Keep scrolling to see some pics of a design being created and a little how-to easily paint one of our coloring book plates.  Thanks for reading!    -Jo