One of our very favorite techniques in the whole store is antiquing, aka wipe off. If you have ever chosen a textured piece off the shelf, we have probable told you about this particular technique. The beauty of it is the simplicity. Let’s throw three coats of paint out the window and make a mess while creating something awesome.
Start by painting your piece with one solid coat of a dark color.
Using a mildly damp sponge, wipe off the excess paint. The dark paint will be left behind in the texture successfully finishing all the fine detail in one fell swoop.
Using colors lighter than the color you wiped off, paint over the different parts of your piece with the desired colors in a single coat. In this case we painted green over all of Frankie’s skin. Why a single coat? Then all of your detail will show up in the kiln.
You’re piece doesn’t need to look perfect before the kiln. The magic will happen in the firing.
Voila! One super detailed (but not stressful) creation done. We also keep a wide variety of textured pieces in stock at the studio. You can walk in anytime and we will show how to do this technique that is guaranteed to wow.

Thanks for reading! -Jo